Management Consulting
Jobe Consulting Group (JCG) provides multifaceted approaches to improving performance, effectiveness and efficiency of your organization.  
Using our existing methodologies, we help organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing
organizational problems, application of best practices and development and implementation of strategic improvement plans.  Our processes
are based on the application of PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and apply the project management five phase
lifecycle -
Initiation, Planning, Execution, Quality Control and Close-out Activities.

Our services in this business area include:


Jobe Consulting Group (JCG), LLC
Program/Project Management Office (PMO) Framework (“Stand-Up”)
Business Strategy Alignment
Knowledge Management
(Processes, Systems and Tools)
Methodology and Processes Development
Organization Capability Maturity Assessment
(CMM Level 1-4)
Resource & Reporting Requirements
Program & Project Management:
Business Process Re-engineering
Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
(MPRs, IPRs)
Development/Implementation of standard operating
procedure(s), system(s), and tool(s)
Schedule Development, Implementation &
Resource & Budget Management
Strategic Planning
Grants Management:
Compliance Assurance and Evaluation
Grants Management Support
(Pre-Award, Award,
Post-Award and Closeout)
Monitoring Plans Development and
Policy and Regulatory Analysis
Technical Assistance and Support
(desk reviews
and/or site visits)
Change Management Plans
Competency Modeling
Executive Coaching and Mentoring
Leadership and Organizational Assessments
Performance Management
Workforce Planning